Exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and assistive technology. Survey. Disability and AI

Have you ever considered the possibilities of AI, from smart vacuum cleaners to autonomous cars? Artificial intelligence (AI) systems use advance computing to perform many tasks that were traditionally done by humans. Now, imagine its potential in enhancing assistive technology for Disabled People.

That’s what this survey is all about. How to ensure that cutting-edge AI-powered tools aim to enable people to read, work, converse, navigate and live independently like never before.

Your voice is crucial! Take a few moments to share your unique experiences in this survey. By participating, you’re helping us paint a clearer picture of AI’s impact on the lives of Disabled People. Together, let’s shape the future of assistive technology.

This survey aims to capture the experiences of Disabled People with different AI-powered technologies. We would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to answer this survey, and help us understand the impact of AI. Please note, questions with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. 

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