2017 Developments in the Combat Against Hate Crime and Hate Speech

2017 Developments in the Combat Against Hate Crime and Hate Speech

ENIL continues its work against Hate Crime during 2017 and plans to supply its members with regular updates. Herewith is our first update:

Last week, ENIL published an announcement for an accessibility auditor to audit an on-line course within the project ‘Facing All the Facts in which ENIL is a partner of CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe. If you know of someone who might be interested in the position, please recommend them to contact ENIL at secretariat@enil.eu .

The announcement article can be found here.

On December 7, 2016, ENIL attended the EU High Level Group on combating racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance and as a result of the meeting a paper, titled “Hate crime training for law enforcement and criminal justice authorities: 10 key guiding principles” has been compiled. It contains key guiding principles on how to ensure effective and quality hate crime training for law enforcement and criminal justice authorities and aims to assist Member States in building capacity of competent national authorities to ensure effective implementation in practice of national legislation related to hate crime and hate speech. Also, guidance with regards to the protection of victims of hate crime is to be found in this paper. It is not legally binding and is intended for guidance only. All Member States are encouraged to build on these guiding principles when designing, delivering and evaluating hate crime training programmes for law enforcement and criminal justice authorities, adapting as needed their implementation to the specific national legal framework and organisational structure of law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. The paper can be found here accompanied by an overview of main resources and initiatives to support hate crime training programmes in the EU Member States.

Other news:

A conference is to take place during the Maltese Presidency called  “Counter-narratives: the role of the EU and Member States in the support of civil society and how to effectively deliver positive narratives against hate speech online”.  Organised by the Maltese Presidency of the Council with the support of the Commission, the conference will be held in Valletta, on 6-7 April 2017 on online hate speech. The focus will be on the importance of delivering effective positive narratives to counter hate speech online and the role of the EU and the Member States to support civil society in that endeavour. Participation is by invitation only. A presentation of the outcomes of the conference will be made at the next meeting of the High Level Group, planned to be in Brussels on 31 May-1 June 2017.

The report for the meeting that took place in Berlin for the OSCE Chairmanship Conference on Tolerance and Diversity later 2016 can be found here. Civil society recommendations are included in this report.

For other interesting speeches published in English, see the conference website.

In April 2016, another OSCE event targeted tolerance and non-discrimination issues (SHDM I). You can find the report from the event, published in January 2017, at this link.

The Austrian OSCE Chairmanship 2017 is planning to bring a few tolerance and non-discrimination-related topics on to the agenda of OSCE Human Dimension events this year: Freedom of Religion or Belief (6-7 April, Vienna), Gender Equality (12-13 June, Vienna); National Minorities (13-14 July, Vienna); Human Rights + Countering Violent Extremism, Hate Crime (during Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, 11-22 September, Warsaw). These are still to be confirmed.


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