5th May – Just Around the Corner!

5th May – Just Around the Corner!

A bit more than one week remains until the 5th May – the 3rd European Independent Living Day. The 5th May is the annual day to raise awareness about the right to Independent Living, the importance it has for disabled people and how it allows us to live ordinary lives. Many countries will be celebrating this day with the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL).

Join us in celebrating!

This year, the 5th May is a religious holiday in many countries, so there will not be as many demonstrations, but there are other ways to join the ENIL campaign and to show that we are Proud, Strong and Visible.

In France, the Association Gré à Gré will be launching the Independent Living Myth Buster in French. A photo display will be shown in Croatia by the Association of Disabled Persons of the Karlovac County, with the aim to increase the employment of disabled people. In Belgium (Flanders), Onafhankelijk Leven will again hold its event called “Meet a Stranger”, where a tent is placed in a public place and people are invited to enter and chat with a disabled person. A conference will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, organised by the Centro de Vida Independente.

How about a Press Release?

Whether you have something planned or not, we would like to encourage you to publish a Press Release with some information about the European Independent Living Day. We provide you with а suggested outline where you can add whatever is relevant for your country. If you need further help, contact Dilyana Deneva at secretariat@enil.eu

You can also join the ENIL campaign by posting your picture with a text on why Independent Living is important for you.  Find the template here.

Finally, join the Facebook event if you have not already. And help us spread awareness by using the hashtag  #‎ENILILDAY

Thanks to all for the work that is being carried out to make this year’s European Independent Living Day a success. See you on May 5th via Facebook!


Jamie Bolling – ENIL Director

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