Belgium: CAMPAIGN GRIP vzw ‘We’re stronger than we think’

On July 2, 2009, Belgium ratified the UN Convention on the rights of persons with a disability. The Convention is an important tool for persons with a disability. It gives them a chance to participate, and to strive for their rights and fight for equal opportunities.

A lot of disabled people are not familiar with this Convention, nor with their rights. In order to fully implement the Convention, it’s of paramount importance that disabled people themselves are convinced that they have the same rights as everyone else. Hence, these people should be familiar with their rights so they can stand up for themselves.
With the new campaign ‘We’re stronger than we think’Gelijke Rechten voor Iedere Persoon met een handicap, Equal Rights for every person with a disability, a nonprofit organization) aims to inform and sensitize people with disabilities.

The campaign consists of a website, where people can consult the Convention and post their experiences with specific rights, for example: ‘How’s life for people with a physical disability when they want to go see a movie?’, ‘Are the railwaystations accessible?’ or the topic of inclusive education, amongst others.

Besides the website, there are also posters, leaflets and a stand, to inform disabled people.

grip logoOn July 2, 2011, we joined the testimonials and handed them over to the Flemish Minister of Equal Rights, Mr. Pascal Smet, Prime Minister Kris Peeters and Jean-Marc Delizée, Secretary of State for Social Affairs. This way, we aim to indicate the prevailing inequality for disabled people and encourage the Flemish and Belgian government to take action on this matter so the rights for people with disabilities are guaranteed.

For more information about the campaign, our organisation and the UN Convention, go to or/and (French/English version available). For questions concerning the campaign:, 0032 2 214 27 63.

Download the leaflet (PDF format)

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