Changes in ENIL Governance, Staff and Office

Changes in ENIL Governance, Staff and Office

ENIL is a dynamic organisation and with dynamics comes change. This short notice announces the recent changes concerning our governance, staff and office in 2015.

ENIL Board President Vibeke Maroy Melström has left the ENIL Board due to her commitments with ULOBA and her personal health situation. We all know what it is like when we have too much to do. ENIL would like to thank Vibeke for her time as our President. It was a great experience to work with her and she will always remain a truly respected leader of our movement.

According to our internal regulations, when a Board member leaves, the remaining Board members are able to replace this person until the next General Assembly and the elections. Vibeke has therefore been replaced with Tove Brandvik, another great leader of the Independent Living movement. Tove is a member of ULOBA and a Personal Assistance user. She has valuable experience in policy making from having been a member of the Norwegian Parliament. ENIL welcomes Tove and is looking forward to her leadership. (Note: The position of the ENIL President has been taken over by Kapka Panayotova.)

In order to ensure that our former Board members continue their involvement with ENIL, ENIL invites them to join the ENIL Advisory Group. This is a group of Independent Living experts who have a sound understanding and knowledge on Independent Living, a long lived experience, and are known as being at the forefront in fighting for the rights of disabled people to achieve Independent Living. The Advisory Group’s aim is to support decision making in ENIL by offering their knowledge and experience.

As of January 2015, the ENIL Advisory Group consists of: Rafaello Belli – Italy, John Evans – UK, Vibeke Maroy Melström – Norway, Gordana Rajkov – Serbia, Adolf Ratzka – Sweden and Corina Zolle – Germany.

In March 2015, Martin Naughton will leave as the ENIL Company Secretary, with his replacement announced at a later date. Martin has also resigned from his position as Co-Director at the end of 2014. Jamie Bolling, who works half time, continues to be ENIL’s Executive Director.

Ines Bulic, the ENIL Policy officer and Coordinator of ECCL will be taking time off from the beginning of May to have her second child. Great news, but also a challenge for ENIL, since Ines manages and contributes to much of our everyday work. A maternity cover will be identified in the coming months, as well as a replacement for Vanessa.

Other employees are: Dilyana Deneva, based at the CIL Sofia in Bulgaria, Peter Lambreghts, based at Onafhankelijk Leven in Belgium, and Mladen Tubic, based at the ENIL back office in Dublin. Miro Griffiths from the UK will continue working on the ELOSH project until the end of 2015.

Finally, in the coming months ENIL will be opening an office in Brussels. This office will facilitate the planning of the 2015 Freedom Drive and will focus on EU level advocacy. More news about our Brussels presence will follow soon.

Photo: New ENIL Board Member Tove Brandvik

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