CIL Serbia on a Study Visit to London, UK

CIL Serbia on a Study Visit to London, UK

Last year, ENIL assisted our member CIL Serbia in organizing a study visit to London. The visit – which took place between 3 and 7 July – was part of the project “Strengthening political participation of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Serbia”. It was facilitated by Disability Rights UK (DRUK) and ENIL.

The Serbian delegation consisted of the Member of Parliament Dubravka Filipovski, Maja Pejčić from the Republican Election Commission, Tijana Milosevic, the Commissioner for Equality Protection, as well as members of the project team from CIL Serbia and the National Organisation of DPOs. The purpose of the visit was to exchange experiences with the UK counterparts regarding political participation of disabled people, and the group visited the House of Lords, the House of Commons (incl. the All Parliamentary Group for Disability), the Electoral Commission and the local authorities. They also met with DPOs, including Disability Rights UK, Disability Action Islington and Disability Action Kensington and Chelsea.

Issues tackled during the study visit included the work of the All Parliamentary Group of Disability in the Westminster Parliament, ways to increase the participation of disabled people in elections, improving the accessibility of the voting process, and the provision of support services for disabled adults at the local level.

More information about the study visit can be found in the report at this link.

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