Coalition for inclusion In the Netherlands

The board of the coalition for inclusion in the Netherlands is occupied with a research on how the future of this network will be. Many questions on the movement that the coalition for inclusion represents, the form it will take…. A lot of brainstorm.

Thursday the 18th of August they organized in Rotterdam a meeting open to all members.

The coalition for inclusion is leading the movement direction complete inclusion and a place of inspiration and how it can bind people and organizations to complete and learn from each other?

The board is also searching a way to facilitate this movement. It’s important that the discussion doesn’t stay limited inside the board but also implicate people and organizations involved in the coalition. This meeting was an opportunity for exchange off ideas, a possibility to discover different issues and to find out in group a concrete form and content the coalition can take. The audience was very diverse: dpo’s, Policymakers, journalists, consultants, lobbyists, editors and private persons.

Edwin Graafland presented an example of inclusive policy on locale level: good practice in Utrecht. He spoke about their approach to realize integral accessibility: advice groups they created but also test groups to check in reality public places, buildings, houses, public transports, information and more… They organize awareness tours for policymaker and all interested people to take temporary a disability and test with it accessibility. They want to influence local policy and adapted it to the needs off pwd… They also create an “ambition list” with specific targets that they realize a through an action plan They succeeded to adapt a covenant with a small local coalition group for inclusion by different partners.

Martien Kromwijk is an ambassador in social sustainability for different organizations as addicted care and professional education. He explained that not only persons with disabilities need to be supported correctly but each person with “life experience difficulties”. To empower them we should look to people’s capacities and not to their limits. We should think about icons “reciditive limitations” to change positively the view on persons with difficulties.

Mario Nossen from the organization “perspectief” (knowledge center for inclusion and self-control). After a study they realized he informed us that Inside inclusive education not only the child should be the focus but also the network should be involved and supported in regulars schools. The results were very positive and created more opportunities afterwards for the child.

After that the discussion started over the role and expectation from the coalition, the work in the next year, the way of organization, the financing and other issues.

Basic education seems to be big focused for a lot of DPO’S.

Inside the coalition organizations should not give only information but also feedback to others.

Creating commitments with other social clubs to enlarge the efficient.

Inclusion should not speak about them but should be something where PWD can participate.

The coalition is very important in several areas:

  • creating synergies,
  • work-opportunities with each other,
  • to be considered as the direct speaker with the government and others institutions
  • undertake common actions
  • and much more

The conclusion was very positive and more commitment was proposed by several ones but the main and common target they have for the moment is to get the UN-convention on the rights off persons with disabilities ratified by the Dutch government.

It’s a very dynamic and pragmatic group that with this allure will become an example for a lot off countries. (Dutch)


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tonis kanaris

August 31, 2011, 1:21 pm

very good in general but people who dont want to learn the easyway SHOULD BE COMPELLED TO LEARN BY MEANS OF HIGH FINEW, amuts up to 50 euroe, dont seam to turn people off should be compelled to learn schools culture , fines(parking at the disabled persons area 500 euroe fine europe is with NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
ALSO intensives to police oficers when fininge law abusers (pedestrians crossing, violation of parking placesreserved/marked,for disable persons thanks

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