Collaboration request for INNOSERV project – report good examples of social innovation

February 1, 2012 marks the beginning of the Social platform on innovative social services or the INNOSERV Project  funded under the European Commission’s Seventh framework programme.  The Project is a unique opportunity for the identification and acknowledgement of innovative services that generate postive outcomes from a service user perspective.  ENIL has found it important to make our voices heard in order for this project to succeed and make a real difference for Independent Living.  We hope you will cooperate with us in this endeavor.

The Project is an attempt to survey the potential for innovative services in the health, education and welfare sectors. This by relying on a combination of academic/policy input, civil society perspectives and empirical knowledge.

Ultimately, information on selected innovative services will be diseminated broadly in easy to read formats that allows communication accross cultural and geographic boundaries, along with evaluation of policy making trends.  Together, practical examples and an overview of academic research will provide substantial input in the EU 2020 strategy.

Partners in implementation  of the project include reputable academic institutions and CSO networks in Europe: Heidelberg University, University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, University of Roskilde, Diakonhjemmet University College, Oslo, Budapest Institute, Instituto per la Ricerca Sociale, University of Southampton, Universite Paris, Pantheon-Sorbonne, European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD), Solidar, and ENIL.

ENIL has through this project a pending task that requires support from the network:

The ENIL network must identify typical innovative practices from the fields of health, education and welfare. ENIL needs to provide at least 16 examples.  So If you have innovative service examples that you would like to share, please just contact us as soon as possible and no later than February 24, 2012, COB.

All questions regarding this initiative should be directed  to  Sanja Nikolin the ENIL researcher for the project at and please copy in Jamie Bolling the director of ENIL.



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