Cyprus Volunteers Movement & ESFC Release Announcements

Cyprus Volunteers Movement & ESFC Release Announcements

Both the European Social Forum Cyrus (ESFC) and the Cyprus Volunteers Movement released announcements on the 3rd December 2012, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in relation to the effects of the current economic crisis and the rights of people with disabilities which you can read here:

At present we find ourselves in the midst of a major economic crisis, resulting from the problems which have emerged within the globalized banking system and largely due to the few who had the power to control it. The victims of this crisis include all employees, but especially those who live on allowances and those who are most subject to the general social policy of each state ( whether significant or insignificant).

Therefore, the crisis comes as a revelation and is a substantial test for the defenders of the social state and the state of the law as the current social policy of the European Union is based on the respect of human rights.

All the “Memorandums” that we have seen nowadays (Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland etc.) hit social benefits indiscriminately and horizontally. As a result of this the implications for human rights are major. Thus, we conclude that the supporters of the Memorandum, in the name of economic development are indifferent to human rights, the state of the law or social state.

The European Social Forum of Cyprus ( ESFC)  joins its voice with the European Disability Movement of active citizens and in February invites our elected political leaders, but also those who wish to be elected to find an economic way without violating the general Human Rights and especially those which are enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. Both Cyprus and the European Union have signed the UN Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities and it is imported into laws in Cyprus which no national parliament can break.

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