Personal assistance law for Iceland in 2014

Personal assistance law for Iceland in 2014

Iceland is due to enact a personal assistance law (NPA) in 2014. In 2012 the Icelandic Ministry for Welfare published a guidebook outlining the rules for personal assistance, but this is not the law. Until the law is enacted each municipality in Iceland can decide whether or not to follow the guidelines. This article will explain some of the rules that are outlined in the guidebook.

Who can apply for personal assistance?
Everybody who is a legal resident of Iceland can apply for user-controlled personal assistance. People with intellectual, mental and physical disabilities can apply. The parents or guardians of children can apply on their behalf. People over the age of 67 are also entitled to apply for NPA.

Where can people apply for personal assistance?
If a person chooses personal assistance they can apply to their local municipality. Professionals at the municipality make a needs assessment. The guidelines say that the professionals should know about independent living philosophy.

How many hours of personal assistance will people get?
The municipality decides how many hours of personal assistance a person will receive. The municipality will assess each applicant based on their need for support. The person has to make a contract with the municipality.

How will people manage their personal assistance?
People who are entitled to personal assistance can choose either to manage their own personal assistance or they can choose to make a contract with a co-operative. 10% of a personal assistance budget will be used for management costs.

Facts about personal assistance in Iceland

Population of Iceland:
340, 000

Personal assistance Law 

Year of personal assistance law:

Number of people using personal assistance
Less than 100

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