Disability Watchdog: Media Harrasment of Independent Living Activist Nuria Gómez

A member of the “Foro Vida Independiente y Divertad”  (Forum for Independent living in Spain) being investigated after showing up a local authority in a TV programme asking him about the disability policies.

Issue that was addressed:

Nuria Gómez, a Member of the Forum for Independent Living in Barcelona (Spain), participated in a TV programme broadcasted the last Monday, nov 8th, to promote the Elections in Cataluña. Some citizens were invited to make one question to the President of the Catalunya Generalitat, Mr. José Montilla and Joan Puigcercós, the other candidate to the Generalitat Presidency.

Nuria asked both politicians about the current law of disability that provides insufficient provisions for Personal Assistance but funds the 100% of the cost of a place in a residency, which doubles in amount the cost of a personal assistant. Nuria highlighted her right to decide where to live and inquired Mr. Montilla to make the commitment to guarantee the same provisions for Personal Assistance during his next presidency.

Mr. Montilla was unable to respond properly to Ms. Gomez questions, affirmed that it should have been a mistake from the administration and asked Nuria to send him her “papers”, promising to deal her particular case. Nuria insisted that this is the reality of all the disabled people in Spain, not just her case, but these last words weren’t included neither in the simultaneous translation nor in the subtitles.

A day after, a journalist investigated about Nuria’s personal life and published an article with her incomes accusing her of laying and defending her own case.

The journalist accused her of hiding important information about her situation so that she is included in a pilot project of personal assistance in Barcelona.

This journalist is trying to “wag the dog” by accusing Nuria and avoiding the essential of all this situation, which is the reality of a government that is not respecting nor implementing the 19th article of the UN CRPD (Convention of the Rights of People with Disabilities) and is promoting the institutionalization against the Personal Assistance.

Other evidence is that the Spanish politicians have no idea of the disability policies and have no intention to change the law in order to an implementation of the UN CRPD.

The collective of disabled people in Spain have a hard work to fight against the lack of interest by our politicians and governors and now against the media and its manipulation.

Measurements taken and Results of the action/follow up:

From ENIL we are denouncing this terrible incident by sending a press releases to a National newspaper “La Vanguardia” and by the activism of our members in Spain, cooperating with all the events organized by the “Foro Vida Independiente y Divertad” (Forum for Independent Living). You can read a copy of the article here .

A campaign in being arranged already with the headings “I am Nuria too and afraid of being investigated for facing Montilla” You can watch the questions from Nuria to Montilla here


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