ENIL 2014 Face-to-Face Staff Meeting Dublin!

ENIL 2014 Face-to-Face Staff Meeting Dublin!

The ENIL project planning meeting for the Progress 2014 Action Grant project took place on the 7th and 8th February 2014 at the Secretariat in Dublin, Ireland.

It was a great meeting that started off with ANGER – Dilyana Deneva our partner representative from CIL Sofia had been refused travel on an airplane due to her wheelchair and could only be with us through skype. Now her fight starts! How can she get her money back and how can the company be condemned for discrimination? They knew of her use of a wheelchair from the booking of the ticket but it was only when she attempted to board the plane that they denied her boarding. How can this be? Dilyana has also now heard of another ENIL member who apparently suffered the same discrimination from the same airline. There is always much work for us to do!

The meeting in itself was great with an agenda that was full with planning! All activities for 2014 needed to be discussed and put into the 2014 time frame.

The EU Elections is one of the main focuses of this work plan. We need people to vote for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who will best represent us. MEPs need to become aware of why disability issues are important at the EU level and citizens need to aware of why they need to vote for good representation.

There will also be a number of events taking place throughout the year including a seminar in Croatia on Hate Crime. There will be also study visit focusing on how to establish a Center of Independent Living. A Roundtable at the European Union Parliament tackling the issue of the portability of Personal Assistance will also take place. In Bulgaria, training for trainers on peer support will be undertaken. Webinars for ENIL youth are scheduled to take place on education and employment. So keep watch for the results of those events and issues that interest you!

Another activity for this year is the ENIL “Stop Disability Cuts” Campaign which aims to make society and politicians more aware of the impact of cuts on our lives. We need to make clear to them what the cuts mean for us. Soon a website will be published in cooperation with the EFC – European Foundation Center.  The EFC have undertaken research on the impact of the cuts on the lives of disabled people. We will be collecting personal stories in order to convey more vividly what is happening. So please help us to gather this information. Stayed tune for how!

Jamie Bolling

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