ENIL and Multiple-Discrimination

ENIL has a focus on multiple-discrimination and has worked on a selection of questions to be presented in a survey in the next months.  We would now like also to start the collection of examples from the network. If you have experienced multiple -discrimination please send an account of the discrimination to jamie.bolling@enil.eu. Please watch for the survey and please participate as it is important to make known cases of discrimination.

Some ask what is multiple-discrimination as it is only slowly being recognized. Taken from the Fundamental Rights agency’s report from 2010 Data in Focus – Multiple Discrimination  multiple discrimination is described as recognizing ‘the fact that an individual can be discriminated against on more than one ground in any given situation or time. In other words, a person does not only have a minority background, but also a certain age and gender that might add to her or his vulnerability to discrimination. For example, a woman with an ethnic minority background might be affected by discrimination in a different way to a man with the same minority background. Other personal characteristics or circumstances, such as disability or educational background, also impact on one’s exposure to and experience of discrimination. It is the adding up and/or combination of different grounds of discrimination that form the substance of what is commonly understood as ‘multiple discrimination’, and which has been variously addressed by different authors and academic disciplines as ‘additive discrimination’ or ‘compound discrimination’, and as ‘intersectional discrimination’.

If you yourself have not experienced discrimination which we can only hope but know someone who has, please make them aware of our work!

Thanks and with best regards

Jamie Bolling

ENIL – Executive Director

January 29, 2012

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