ENIL Christmas Appeal: Support Independent Living in Novi Sad, Serbia

ENIL Christmas Appeal: Support Independent Living in Novi Sad, Serbia

As we get ready for the holiday season, we invite you to think of all those who need our support at this time of the year. Our partner organisation, the Centre LIVING UPRIGHT in Novi Sad, Serbia is one of the two accredited personal assistance providers in the country. However, because of the failure of the local authorities to continue funding the service, 4 disabled people continually using personal assistance are now left without this essential Independent Living service and face moving into residential care. They are among 40 local residents who require personal assistance. Since May 2014, the Centre has been working hard to raise almost 80,000 EUR to support disabled people, and still needs 6,000 EUR until 15 December.

Personal assistance is one of the recognised community-based services included in Serbia’s Law on Social Welfare. However, many local authorities have failed to adopt the necessary regulations, which would ensure continued funding of the service. As a result, the Centre LIVING UPRIGHT was unable to continue paying personal assistants’ salaries.

Personal assistance is an essential service, which enables disabled people to have control over their lives and participate in society. Personal assistants support disabled people with their basic needs, such as eating and personal hygiene, but also at work, in education or during social activities. Without this service, many disabled people would be forced into institutional care.

By donating to the Centre LIVING UPRIGHT you will ensure they are able to provide personal assistance, until the necessary decisions are adopted by the local authorities and more sustainable funding is available. Please give as much as you can – even small donations will be highly appreciated.

To donate, please go to the Centre’s website and click on Donate.

Or, use the following information:

Beneficiary: Centar ziveti uspravno
Bank name: Erste Bank A.D. Novi Sad
IBAN: RS35340000000000535079
Swift code: GIBARS22

Thank you and happy holidays!

Jamie Bolling, Executive Director, European Network on Independent Living
Milica Mima Ruzicic-Novkovic, Director, Centre LIVING UPRIGHT

Photo: Ljiljana Cakmak, one of the four personal assistance users who now faces moving into residential care
Download the ENIL Christmas Appeal letter here.


Marija Obrovacki

December 11, 2014, 4:48 pm

Srdačan pozdrav!

kao korisnica servida personalne asistencije mogu samo da kkažem ”to ne sme da stane”

Mrs D Wales

March 26, 2015, 6:41 pm

Are there updates on this report?

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