ENIL Freedom Drive Update – 7 September 2015

ENIL Freedom Drive Update – 7 September 2015

FD update – 7th September 2015

Hello Freedom Drivers,

There are now only three weeks before the Freedom Drive. During this period ENIL will be sending an update once a week to keep you updated on the last minute developments. In this update you will find news on:

  • Transport
  • Translation in the Parliament
  • Access to the Parliament
  • Contest for Independent Living projects/campaigns


Transport communication

The public transport in Brussels is only partly accessible. You have to make a reservation to take the metro and only a limited number of bus lines and metro stops are accessible (see links below).

To make sure everyone can get around Brussels comfortably during the Freedom Drive, ENIL has worked on a solution with STIB (the transport provider). With a 3-day ticket (of 18 euro) you will be able to travel on the entire STIB network during the event. You will also receive a transport plan explaining the most accessible way to get from your hotel to the Freedom Drive events and at the end of each day you will be able to take a bus back to your hotel. If you can’t make it from your hotel to the nearest bus or metro stop, we can provide door-to-door transport. The 3-day tickets should be bought in advance. You will find them in your hotel when you arrive.

If you haven’t sent us your hotel information and you wish to use the 3-day pass, we would like to ask you to mail the information to us as soon as possible! Emails to be sent to Frank Sioen at sioenfrank@gmail.com

Accessibility in general: http://www.stib-mivb.be/PMR_PBM.html?l=en

Metro accessibility: http://www.stib-mivb.be/irj/go/km/docs/STIB-MIVB/INTERNET/attachments/Plan_reseau/Plan_M_Stations_20150629.pdf


Translation in the Parliament

Translation in the Parliament will be supplied for English, French and Polish. These have been negotiated with MEP Plura. We have also gained access to the translation booths, so if you have a volunteer translator from your group, this person could use the booth. Please contact Dilyana Deneva at dilyana.deneva@enil.eu if you have someone who could provide the translation.


Access to the Parliament

Our Freedom Drive meeting in the European Parliament will take place right after the march through Brussels on 30th September. This meeting is hosted by MEP Plura (EPP, Poland), Disability Intergroup Vice-President. ENIL is very grateful for MEP Plura’s support. But the preparations for this meeting and securing a suitable meeting room in the Parliament were extremely difficult. This was due to consecutive periods of raised terror alerts causing strict security measures, which didn’t allow large meetings with high numbers of external visitors in the Parliament.

Only very recently we succeeded in cooperating with MEP Plura’s office to get the permission for our meeting and to book a meeting room. But we are still facing a problematic restriction. The safety unit in the Parliament decided to limit the number of participants for our meeting to a maximum of 100 people. We are working hard, negotiating and putting pressure to overcome this restriction and to get a higher number of Freedom Drivers into the Parliament! But for the time being we need to take into account that we might be faced with no other alternative than to make a selection amongst the Freedom Drivers to get access to the European Parliament. Let’s hope we can avoid this. We are doing all we can to turn this around.

Peter Lambreghts, ENIL Senior Officer, in charge of the Freedom Drive March and the MEP Parliament meeting


Good examples for best Independent Living project/campaign during the year

ENIL will hold a contest during the ENIL Freedom Drive with the Freedom Drivers voting for the best Independent Living project/campaign that was carried out during the past year. Please send your nomination to estitxuarraztio@gmail.com before the 25th September!


ENIL General Assembly 2015

As you know, the ENIL General Assembly 2015 (GA) will take place during Freedom Drive. Registration starts at 18.00h on 29th September and the GA itself – at 18.30h till 20.30h. If you cannot attend Freedom Drive or the GA itself, you have the option to find someone who could cast your vote at the new board election as well as on the other issues to be voted on. This is the so called proxy vote, do make a use of it!

In this update you can find presentations of the board member nominees and the nominating committee nominees as well. Familiarize with them before the Freedom Drive and the GA and with the voting instructions.

Next Monday you’ll be updated again with the latest news around Freedom Drive, so stay tuned!

The ENIL Team

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