ENIL Freedom Drive Update – February 2017

ENIL Freedom Drive Update – February 2017

This year the ENIL Freedom Drive (EFD) will be dedicated to Martin Naughton – the Father of the Freedom Drive. We are hoping that you could send us your photos of Martin from over the years. We would like to do a slide show in Martin’s honour to be shown at the events during the EFD week. Great thanks to all!

Children’s voices – videos

This year’s conference will focus on all voices being heard, including the voices of children. Videos, made by children who believe in Independent Living, will be shown during the week. We ask you to contact those disabled children you know, who would have a message to send to ENIL – and then ask them to do a short videos of about 5 minutes with the messages to get across during the Freedom Drive.

Ines Bulic, ENIL Policy Officer, is writing the EFD Declaration 2017 with Children as focus. The importance of the voice of children, participation and the need of family support will be highlighted in this declaration. The declaration will be circulated as soon as possible so that it can be used in your promotion of the Freedom Drive and when you are speaking with your MEPs.

The EFD Headquarters will be located in Mundo J, the building in which ENIL has its office. The Headquarters will be open from Sunday 24th at 15:00h. Then, during the week the opening will be at 10:00h and closure all evenings at 22:00h, including Sunday. The headquarters will be closed all day on Wednesday, when we will all take part in the Freedom Drive events. Refreshments will be on sale at the headquarters during the week.

The Kick Off will take place on Sunday evening 24th at 18:00h-20:00h. This will be time to meet and speak with ENIL Board and Staff and each other. There will be access to refreshments that will be on sale.

On Monday 25th, the Motivational Events will be held. These will be meetings on subjects that ENIL members find important. The deadline to send suggestions for motivational meetings is March 15th. Please, send these and if you would like to take a lead on the meeting to dilyana.deneva@enil.eu

Tuesday 26th will be the MEP Day with the national MEP meetings being held. Before or after the meeting you are welcome to pass by and visit the ENIL office (4 blocks from the Parliament) to meet ENIL Board and Staff. These meetings can support you in planning the meeting or in reporting after you have met with your MEPs.

Wednesday 27th is the big day! See the schedule on the website as changes have been made.
The Freedom Drive March was moved to the morning. We are very pleased to announce that Commissioner Thyssen from DG Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, will open the ENIL Freedom Drive conference. If you would like to take the stage for entertainment during the ENIL celebration send in your suggestion.

On Thursday, September 28th, Development Meetings will be held. This is time for ENIL members to meet with our allies. In order to inform us about the topics you want to talk about, see the poll below and either send your preference to dilyana.deneva@enil.eu or complete the Facebook Poll.

Topics I would like during the Development Meetings at ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive:

1) children’s rights

2) women’s rights

3) refugees’ rights

4) migrants’ rights

5) LGBTQ rights

6) Human Rights

ENIL encourages you to come to Brussels with project ideas. There will be the possibility of sharing these ideas with others and ENIL will support you in matching projects and organisations.

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