ENIL Freedom Drive Update – June 2017

ENIL Freedom Drive Update – June 2017

The ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive is approaching fast. The staff is busy with planning and is very excited to meet everyone soon!

What is new? Registration has been prolonged until July 31 as people have informed us they as of yet have not been able to register.

The Freedom Drive is a key to meet national MEPs. If you haven’t booked your meeting with your MEPs, do so as soon as possible. The Parliament goes on vacation from the end of July until the end of August, so it is best to book the meetings in July and secure a meeting room.

ENIL has prepared a Freedom Drive Declaration, outlining the main barriers disabled people are facing, and which ENIL is campaigning on. Specific recommendations are set out for MEPs, to be used by country delegations to help them formulate their own demands. In addition to MEPs, this Freedom Drive Declaration is aimed at the European Commission, which will also participate in different Freedom Drive events.

Preparation for the ENIL General Assembly (GA) is well underway. According to the ENIL constitution, documents will be sent by August 16. Issues to be considered during the meeting will be the election of the ENIL Board, who will be presented to you in the Special Newsletter Freedom Drive edition, also coming in August. There will be suggestions for change of the ENIL constitution, among other changes one will be that only half of the ENIL Board is to be elected at one General Assembly. If you have any questions on the suggested changes contact Jamie at Jamie.bolling@enil.eu . At the ENIL GA we will again have the election of the ENIL Election Committee. Please send nominations for this committee until July 31 to jamie.bolling@enil.eu

For FD we have now 80 registrations. For workshop attendance there are no free places on the CIL one and 5 places left on the National Youth Network. All others have more than 10 places left. Mher will continue to update the table

Motivational events

Be informed that there are no free places on the workshop on “Setting up a CIL” and only five free places left for the workshop on “Setting up a national youth network”. The other three workshops: on “Monitoring CRPD implementation”, “How to be an ally to your child” and “How to be a proud disabled person” have more than ten places, so be quick and register for one of these! You can find more info on the motivational events here.

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