ENIL Launches Annual Report 2015

ENIL Launches Annual Report 2015

ENIL’s latest Annual Report provides an overview of activities in 2015. Among the main achievements were a successful Freedom Drive, held for the first time in Brussels, and our contribution to European Union’s review by the CRPD Committee. During the year, ENIL has continued advocating on access to personal assistance, deinstitutionalisation, peer support, disability hate crime, effect of cuts on disabled people, and the use of European Structural and Investment Funds.

Significantly, ENIL’s Secretariat has moved from Dublin to Brussels, bringing us closer to the heart of EU policy and decision making. ENIL’s Youth Network has also grown and is now a formal structure, with its own interim board.

Our main project last year was the ILNET Project in Turkey, which has helped us forge new partnerships with the Turkish DPOs and activists, and promote independent living and deinstitutionalisation.

Download the Annual Report 2015 in .pdf and Word.

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