Enil Mission To Bulgaria – Report

Training in Burgas – photographer Sara Hamrin

ENIL with the representation of the Executive Director Jamie Bolling was on a mission in Bulgaria, from 1st to 8th October 2011. The main purpose of the mission was to contribute to a project for active citizenship of young leaders in the IL movement in Bulgaria and to influence various actors regarding the elections to take place on October 23rd on the importance of Independent Living. Meetings were arranged with Candidates, the public through the round table, members of IL, DPOs, the Office of the Ombudsman, with people living in the Institution in Stara Zagora, newspapers, TV, radio and the staff of the CIL Sofia.

Jamie Bolling – ENIL executive director arrived to Sofia on the 1st of October together with personal assistant Sara Hamrin and Sverker Agren a county counsellor of Västernorrland and President of the Committe for Regional Development in Västernorrland. The group was met by Kapka Panaytova and Mitko Tsvetkov both from the CIL Sofia first they started with a planning meeting at the hotel in Bankja outside of Sofia. For the preparation of the meeting with

Meeting with the Bulgarian Ombudsman – photographer Sara Hamrin

the candidates to political positions a discussion included information on the Bulgarian political system. Education, transport, accessibility are all issues for the municipalities. The National level is responsible for the distribution of technical aids and the Institution for disabled people in Stara Zagora.

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