ENIL Youth Elects Its New Board

ENIL Youth Elects Its New Board

During the ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive the ENIL Youth Network General Assembly will also take place. According to the Youth Network’s constitution, the youth Board elections will be held. The process will include:

People can nominate only themselves, sending the Application Form from the email address, they have registered when applying for ENIL membership.

  • After 21st July – information about the nominees will be uploaded on the ENIL website, making possible an informed decision when voting
  • From 1st August until 8th September – online voting for those who cannot attend the ENIL Freedom Drive

Again, the email address youthelections2017@gmail.com is to be used and valid votes will be those coming from Full Individual Members of the ENIL Youth Network (not to be confused with membership in the Youth Network Facebook group), from the email address registered when applying for ENIL membership. Full Membership of the ENIL Youth Network can be obtained by disabled people, who are 35-year-old or under and live in one of the Council of Europe Member States. You can apply for ENIL membership here.

Voting for the new Board of the ENIL Youth Network will also take place during the Freedom Drive. If you vote during the Freedom Drive in Brussels, you cannot vote by email.

The new ENIL Youth Network Board will be announced at the Freedom Drive.

As a member of the ENIL Youth Network you have the right to vote at the ENIL General Assembly which elects the main ENIL Board. Again, you can vote on spot during Freedom Drive, or through a proxy vote, which you can read more about in the ENIL Freedom Drive update article here.

Terms of reference for the ENIL Youth Network Board members can found here.

If you have any questions, send an email to Dilyana Deneva at dilyana.deneva@enil.eu


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