ENIL Youth Study Session on Political Participation Comes in 2018

ENIL Youth Study Session on Political Participation Comes in 2018

Are you interested in raising awareness of human rights?

How would you support young disabled people to develop their confidence and awareness of citizenship, democracy and increase political participation?

How would you ensure young disabled people can participate in democratic processes to articulate their rights?

What do you consider the best way to feel empowered and have a voice?


The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL), in cooperation with the Council of Europe organize the study session “Active citizenship and political participation of young disabled people as a pathway towards Independent Living”.

Through this study session, ENIL hopes to create future young leaders of the Independent Living Movement, who will support other young disabled people to understand their rights around community participation, access to political representation and the connections between Independent Living philosophy and broader political issues.

Participants will explore key aspects of leadership and empowerment, with an expectation that you will return to your communities and support other young disabled people’s awareness and access to political participation and human rights.

The one-week study session is taking place at the Council of Europe Youth Centre in Strasbourg between 24th and 30th June 2018.

The session is being planned and delivered by a group of young disabled people from Serbia, Moldova, Bulgaria and the UK with experience of working with young people in their countries and internationally.

Participants must be between 18 and 35 and consider themselves as disabled persons. The study session will be in English. Therefore, participants need to have a working knowledge of English. Participants must also be from one of the 47 Member States of the Council of Europe (not to be confused with the European Union). You can find a list of the countries by clicking on the map at the Council of Europe website.

Regardless of type of impairment, sexual orientation, religion, level of education or any other personal characteristic, ENIL is committed to support diversity of participants. We encourage all young disabled people to apply and will meet the access needs of all selected participants, including the travel expenses of personal assistants when needed.

Both applicants with previous experience in civic and political participation and those without such experience are encouraged to apply. Your previous experience in the topic of the Study Session will not affect the selection process.

Participants are required to pay a 50 euro enrollment fee, covering all costs for the whole duration of the event. No fee will be charged to personal assistants.

If you would like more information, please send an email to enilstudysession2018@gmail.com


Deadline for applying is 8 January 2018.


*Political participation – actions taken to promote an idea or value you advocate for, making your personal opinions known.

For example participation in voting, advocating for the freedom to speak out, assemble and associate; with the ability to take part in the conduct of public affairs; and the opportunity to register as a candidate, to campaign, to be elected and to hold office at all levels of government.

Creating a petition to campaign for accessible environment in your town/village is considered political participation. Also, the speaking at a conference or public event to demand that the state pays for personal assistance is also a form of political participation and active citizenship.


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