ENIL’s Work on the ELOSH Project at Its Final Stage!

ENIL’s Work on the ELOSH Project at Its Final Stage!

Maria Nyman, the director of Mental Health Europe and one of ENIL’s colleagues in the ELOSH project, was one of the key speakers at the ELOSH final conference “Housing and Support: successful ways to help people with complex housing needs”. The conference took place in Brussels on 15th September. In her speech Maria expressed her hopes that one outcome of the ELOSH project will be certain progress in the deinstitutionalization process.

Improving the conditions in housing of the target groups (people with mental health challenges, disabled people and the homeless) is one of the core aims recognized by the ELOSH project. Finding common needs to cooperate through the network consists of a wide spread of actors including among others: EU organizations with EASPD – European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disability in the lead of the project, ENIL, MHE, the University of York, Housing Europe, FEANTSA, the European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless and a group of national organisations working with housing. ELOSH has highlighted housing as a Human Right and has made a strong case for co-production and the provision of housing based on individual needs. As in all areas of our lives, we disabled people must be involved in the organization and provision of our services and ENIL has seen ELOSH as an important actor for the area of housing and for the promotion of co-production.

Miro Griffiths, an ENIL board member, has been active in the ELOSH project. As a final activity he led the ENIL webinar on co-production. It took place on 9th September and gathered online 19 participants from 12 countries. This rich variety of country represented added value to the event as the concept of co-production is still relatively new in many European countries and on the other hand – well developed in others. So, different views and opinions were collected, many questions were asked – indisputable proof that the topic was of high interest to the participants. A report from the webinar can be found on this link.

For further information on the ELOSH project, follow this link.

Miro Griffiths has also prepared a factsheet on co-production, also available on the ENIL website.

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