EU Funds for Our Rights Campaign Holds a Webinar on 3 July

EU Funds for Our Rights Campaign Holds a Webinar on 3 July

ENIL’s “EU Funds for Our Rights” Campaign continues with awareness raising activities and is regularly reminding Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission officials of the importance of efficient use of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). We recently met with the assistant of MEP Marian Harkin, from the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.

We have organised our second meeting with the EU level NGOs on 13th June, to provide them with updates on our Campaign. The following organisations attended the meeting: Lumos, Community Living for Europe: Structural Funds Watch, Mental Health Europe and ERGO NET.  This meeting was also an opportunity to share experiences and to agree on future common actions. All organisations agreed to encourage their members to participate at ENIL’s webinar and to provide us with updates on their activities in relation to ESIF.

At our request, several MEPs – Tanja Fajon, Biljana Borzan, Miriam Dalli and Tomas Zdechovsky – submitted a written question to the European Commission. They asked the Commission:

  • What steps is the Commission taking to improve the ESIF monitoring and complaints system in order to ensure respect for human rights; and
  • What steps is the Commission taking to ensure that disabled people’s organisations are consulted in a timely manner during the preparation of Operational Programmes and are involved in the implementation and monitoring of ESIF investments?

The European Commission’s response is available here. Importantly, the Commission stated that it is currently reviewing the regulatory provisions on monitoring and complaints, ‘to identify possible improvements in view of the next funding period’.

We are currently preparing a webinar on using EU Structural Funds to support independent living. The webinar will take place on 3rd July from 17:30h to 19:00h Central European Time (CET). It is open to anyone who wants to learn more on use of ESIF and how to get involved in ENIL’s campaign. Registration is still open – please register here if you wish to attend.

Our briefing on the Monitoring and Complaints system will be published in the coming weeks and discussed with the European Commission desk officers during the meeting on 7th July in Brussels. Our training manual for NGOs is also under preparation and will be available in July.

If you would like to take part in our Campaign, please contact the Campaign Coordinator Natasa Kokic at

Please like our Facebook page and report any cases where you believe ESIF is not used to support Independent Living, but to maintain institutional care.


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