EU Funds for Our Rights Campaign Visits Romania

EU Funds for Our Rights Campaign Visits Romania

ENIL’s “EU Funds for Our Rights” Campaign continues with awareness raising activities aimed at Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and the European Commission – urging them to put in place a better monitoring and complaints system for the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF).

We have also organised our third regional event in Bucharest on 27th and 28th April. NGO representatives from 5 Member States attended the event and had very interesting discussions. It was an occasion to exchange concerns related to use of ESIF in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Malta and Greece. Issues raised at the meeting included the lack of consultation (if any) with NGOs during the preparation of the ESIF. There were a number of concerns of ESIF being used to strengthen institutional care provision. We are particularly worried about the projects that are being developed in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria – on which we will report in more detailed later in the Campaign. Sadly, very similar concerns related to the use of ESIF were also raised during the regional events in Brussels and Vilnius.

As a result of the Bucharest meeting, ENIL will look into all the issues that were raised and discuss them with EC desk officers, responsible for the different Member States. We will also raise these problems during our exchanges with MEPs.

Furthermore, ENIL is currently preparing a briefing on the monitoring and complaints systems related to ESIF use, as well as training manual for NGOs to help them engage with ESIF monitoring in their countries. The briefing will be presented in a meeting with the European Commission officials, while the training manual will be presented during a webinar. Both events will take place in June.

Another campaign activity taking place in June is the 2nd meeting with the EU level NGOs – scheduled for 13th June. The aim of this meeting is to involve more organisations in ENIL’s campaign, including those advocating for the rights of children, migrants, women, Roma, homeless, youth etc. If you are interested in taking part, please contact the Campaign Coordinator Natasa Kokic at

Please like our Facebook page and report any cases where you believe ESIF is not used to support Independent Living, but to maintain institutional care.


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