PROGRESS Programme – Call for Proposals for Social Policy Experimentations

The Europe 2020 Strategy recognises that the European Unions’s success in delivering smart, sustainable and inclusive growth largely depends on its ability to innovate across all fronts.

The European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion promotes social innovation and social policy experimentation as renewed ways to address challenges of social policies: evolving social needs, growing budgetary constraints, participation of stakeholders in all steps of the policy cycle, evaluation of the social impact of decisions.

Social policy experiments are:

  • policy interventions bringing innovative answers to social needs
  • implemented on a small scale because of existing uncertainty as to their impact
  • in conditions which ensure the possibility of measuring their impact
  • in order to be repeated on a wider scale if the results prove convincing.

This call for proposals on social policy experimentations intends to improve the quality and effectiveness of social policies and to facilitate their adaptation to new social needs and societal challenges.

Selected projects have to contribute to developing and testing socially innovative approaches to policy priorities in the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the Open Method of Coordination on social protection and social inclusion. To be selected under this call, projects should focus on a relevant issue within the context of employment and social policies.

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