ENIL Conference in the University of Valencia (Spain)


university-of-valenciaLast 18th  november 2011, there was a conference under the title “Independent Living, a Life Empowerment Strategy”, it took place in the Social Education Faculty of the Valencia University.

The speakers were the ENIL collaborators Katjia Villatoro, José Alfonso López and Juan Benages.

The conference sparked off big interest and the audience was implicated, beyond the academic interest. The issues treated were from the history of the independent living movement to the UN convention on the rights of people with disability. The final conclusión was that IL means equity, but at the same time it’s a viable economical model, a profitable driving force of social productivity, employment creation and socioeconomic growing. It provides a social investment system with a high rate of investment return for the public and private sector, as well gives everybody the opportunity  to choose his own way of living.

After that conference we had the opportunity to plan a future event for a full day duration workshop, under the idea of increasing the diffusion range of the IL philosophy.



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