Stop Disability Cuts Campaign: Action in Belgium

Stop Disability Cuts Campaign: Action in Belgium

Save the Date; “Walk of Shame on 5th May 2014″

On May 5th, the European Day for Independent Living, we will take part in a solidarity march through Brussels; The Walk of Shame. We want you to join us!

Still to this day in Europe, disabled people are living in institutions against their will and are separated from the rest of society. There are still disabled people who receive no support at all and we need to stand by them!

We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from Wallonia, where there is little progress being made towards improving disability policy. We stand in solidarity with every disabled person in Europe who has been affected by cuts implemented at national and European level.

As a result of the financial crisis, austerity measures have been introduced which have impinged on our rights. The implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities has been stalled in many countries and some countries have taken steps backwards towards its implementation. Opportunities for disabled people to live independently in the community have lessened considerably throughout the financial crisis and many people are struggling with little support to continue living independently.

This disgrace has to stop! No more savings at the expense of disabled people should be made. Join ENIL and Onafhankelijk Leven vzw and bring this message straight to the European Commission, one of the most powerful bodies in the European Union.

The Walk of Shame is the Belgian part of the international campaign “Stop Disability Cuts ‘ organized by ENIL. We invite all disabled people, their associations, allies and sympathizers, to walk along with us. We also invite MEPs and other policy makers to join us and to engage in dialogue with us during this solidarity walk.

May 5th at 11.00 am CET, mark this day in your calendar. We count on you!

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