Swedish people are losing stately granted assistance allowance

In Sweden, every decision regarding personal assistance is reconsidered every second year. The social insurance agency’s new decision making guidelines lead to many people losing their personal assistance affiliated to these reconsiderations.

According to statistics from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, 269 people who were entitled to support lost their right to personal assistance in affiliation to the reconsiderations in 2010. During the first 6 months of 2011 the amount was 159 people. The numbers can be compared to 146 people in 2009, 100 people in 2008 and 57 people in 2007. This increasements is directly caused by the new methods used handling these issues by the Social Insurance Agency. The new guide lines imply that it’s necessary to need support in the Social Insurance Agencys’ definition of integrity spheres in order to be entitled to support.
The problem with this point of view is that it gets hard for anyone to be able to fit this mold. The areas in which support is needed is determined on whether it counts as “basic needs” or not by the definitions of the Social insurance Agency. From now on, if you need assistance when cutting food in the right size to be able to eat, it does not count as basic needs. Only if you need support getting the spoon or fork to the mouth it does. If you do not reach 20 hours of basic needs a week, it is not possible to get granted assistance allowance.

Swedish people entitled to personal assistance are of course protesting against the new regulations. The original idea of personal assistance is no longer present now that the assistance allowance assessments have become more inaccurate than ever before.

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