European Disability Forum (EDF) answers the Accessibility Act Consultation

Over the past three months, the European Commission has run a public consultation on a European Accessibility Act. The Disabled People’s Rights unit within the Directorate-General for Justine, who are leading the consultation, explained that this process is part of the preparatory data collection that will underpin the impact assessment for the development of a European Accessibility Act (EAA). The objective of the EAA will be to improve the accessibility of goods and services in the European market.

It is important that the disabled people’s movement puts forward a vision that is representative of all disabled people to inform the development of such important legislation. A wide consultation has been set up for members of EDF and a final draft response has been discussed by the leaders of the disabled people’s movement during the EDF board meeting earlier this month.

For further information on this consultation and EDF‘s position in relation to the European Accessibility Act please visit their website here.

The EDF response to the European Accessibility Act consultation is also available to download from the EDF website (consultation_FINAL.doc)

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