European Pillar of Social Rights…or Benefits?

European Pillar of Social Rights…or Benefits?

The European Commission recently proposed the first outline of a European Pillar of Social Rights (the Social Pillar). The aim of the Social Pillar is to establish a framework of social rights in the European Union and to serve as a compass for Member States when adopting new legislation related to social rights and employment.

The proposal for a Social Pillar is a good step towards the goal of achieving a “triple A social Europe”.  However, in the current outline of the Pillar, the provisions related to disability mainly focus on disability “benefits” and ensuring disabled people’s access to the labour market.

In its Position Paper on the draft Social Pillar, ENIL argues that the Social Pilar should move away from a medical, benefits based, approach on disability and adopt a human rights approach. This would help ensure inclusion of disabled people in all areas of society, from education to employment, and from childcare to pensions.

In the coming months, ENIL will send a list of questions to the ENIL members in order to collect experiences, suggestions and recommendations to improve the Pillar. Based on this information, ENIL will respond to the online public consultation on the Pillar launched by the European Commission1

Please click here to read ENIL’s  Position paper on the Social Pillar in Word or PDF.

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