2 Months until the Freedom Drive: Brussels Survival Kit

2 Months until the Freedom Drive: Brussels Survival Kit

Even though it is considered the “capital” of Europe, the city of Brussels is not famous for its accessibility. In this month’s Freedom Drive update, we share with you a guide in which you will find information on how to (accessibly) travel to Brussels and how to get around in the city once you are there. This includes advice on accessible transport, but also tips on accessible restaurants, hotels and other places of interest.

Find the guide here.

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend you start booking the hotel for your stay in Brussels as soon as possible, as the prices for accessible rooms are going up quickly. To assist you in your search, you can find a (non-exhaustive) list of accessible hotels on the ENIL website.

Call for volunteers – Reminder

Finally, we wish to remind you about our call for volunteers during the Freedom Drive week. If you are based in Brussels and you are interested in helping out during the event, please contact Kamil Goungor, our Development Officer and contact point for the Freedom Drive at: kamil.goungor@enil.eu.

To stay updated about the 2019 Freedom Drive, please check this Freedom Drive summary page on our website, and make sure to check our website, the Freedom Drive Facebook page, as well as our Newsletters.

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