FIRAH’s Calls for Projects Now Open!

FIRAH’s Calls for Projects Now Open!

The International Foundation for Applied Disability Research (FIRAH) today opens its 2016 Call for Projects for applied research on disabilities. In 2016 FIRAH’s initiative takes place for a seventh consecutive time, providing disability researchers with the great opportunity to submit a quality application and get selected.

Topics for the Annual Call for Projects are:

  • Access to education
  • Mobility
  • Ageing in people with disabilities
  • The transition between residential care and support services and independent living
  • Support for caregivers

Projects outside the above areas would also be eligible to apply as long as they cover the selection criteria outlined in the call for projects. These can be found in FIRAH’s press release.


Calendar of the Calls for Projects:

Closing date for letters of intent: 25th March 2016 at midnight (Central European Time)

Project leaders informed of pre-selected letters of intent: 24th June 2016


FIRAH also announces an Autism and New Technologies Call for Projects organized by Foundation Orange, the UEFA Foundation for Children and the International Foundation for Applied Disability Research.


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