Freedom Drive Update – 25 November 2015

Freedom Drive Update – 25 November 2015

Almost two months have passed after the huge and successful ENIL Brussels Freedom Drive 2015! Herewith we present you with some of the important follow-ups of the event.

Firstly we share with you the official Freedom Drive Report, which gives a relatively detailed overview of all that happened between 29th September and 1st October. There information can be found on the march, the decisions taken at the ENIL General Assembly 2015 (GA), the meetings of the ENIL youth, media links and much, much more on the 7th edition of the Freedom Drive! Download a word document or a pdf file.

As a separate document we disseminate the minutes from the GA aligned with the ENIL constitution. This document summarizes the decisions taken during the GA on 29th September in the Bel Brussels. Click on this link to read the document.

Lastly we present some news about the future of the ENIL Youth Network. On 29th September, the youth present at the Freedom Drive, agreed that the Youth Network should formally exist and adopted a draft constitution on how the network should work. The network members who have been working on developing the youth network for the last 18 months were accepted as the founding (interim) board of the Youth Network.

The interim board members are:

Agnes Sarolta Fazekas (27) from Hungary


Aleksandra Surla (28) from Slovenia

Aleksandra (1)

Gatis Caunitis (27) from Latvia (vice chair)


Miro Griffiths (26) from the United Kingdom


Radoš Keravica (29) from Serbia

Rados Keravica (2)

Zara Todd (30) from the United Kingdom (chair)


The Youth Network and its board will be supported by Dilyana Deneva (27) from Bulgaria – who is employed by ENIL as the Youth Network co-ordinator.


In the next week, profiles of the founding board members will be shared in the Youth Network.

The Youth Network remains part of ENIL but has now its own decision-making structures.

Follow the news and development of the Youth Network in any of the following ways:



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