Good news from Norway!

Good news from Norway!

Good news from Norway! 20 years after Sweden, Norway is to obtain an individual rights legislation for personal assistance!

The last government proposed a legislation that would have been a great backlash! With that proposal personal assistance would no longer have been able to be considered as personal assistance in its true form.

Uloba, one of the leading Independent Living organisations in Norway and the main cooperative for personal assistance, worked hard during the summer to raise awareness about this issue and wrote its own legislative proposal. This meant that negotiation with the new government who is now ready with its legislation proposal was necessary. This proposal is to be considered in the Stortinget (Norwegian Parliament) and will come into effect in 1.1.2015.

Uloba is not completely satisfied with this and will continue its work to have the legislation for personal assistance moved from the Health and Social Services sector to the justice sector. But it is still a great step forward!

Vibeke Melroy Melström, ENILs president and the ULOBA director met with the Norwegian Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the Health minister last Friday, February 28, 2104. See the article on the ULOBA website: .

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