Secrets shared by many! New book on PA and sex by Veronica Svensk

Picture of Veronica Svensk author of the book "Secrets shared by many!"

Veronica Svensk author of the book

New book on Personal Assistance and sex called: “Secrets shared by many!”

Veronica Svensk, the author, is a member of the Swedish Youth Mobility Impairment  organization.

She talks about how to flirt and have sex when in need of personal assistance. Nowadays this subject is taboo and Veronica hopes to start a discussion. The book is part of a project within which training for mentors and training leaders will be provided.

As personal assistants one must be clear on one’s limits and what one can help with. And the person dependent of assistance must be ready to accept the answer – especially if it is no to assistance. The book is a compilation of interviews to assistance users and includes what the legislation has to say on professional secrecy and prostitution.

The book, written in Swedish is available at the Swedish Youth Mobility Impairment Association webpage

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Marijke De Vos

April 22, 2011, 1:58 pm

Dear Veronica, me being a personal assistent, 50 y and female, I have the same hoop, that people relying on assistance talk and contribute to the declaration of what is possible and what are the limits, also to contracts, and to law. In Belgium some organisations did some good work already. I hoop, like you, that we can share our experiences, and why not during the freedom drive? in Strassbourg, were countrys meet.
Marijke De Vos

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