Greece’s Forgotten Children

Greece’s Forgotten Children

Brussels, 28 September 2015

One year ago, the BBC published a shocking report of a Greek children’s home where children with disabilities were kept in caged beds. In an effort to better understand the situation of children in institutional care, Roots Research Centre, national coordinator of the Opening Doors for Europe’s Childreni in Greece has conducted the first nation-wide mapping of institutional and residential care in Greece.
The study found that Greece has a patchwork of public and private institutions and residential care with little or no oversight of quality and no monitoring of the numbers of children and what happens to them. Roots Research Centre urgently calls on the government to develop a national strategy and implementation plan to build a comprehensive child protection system based on international standards.

The Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign is jointly coordinated by Eurochild and Hope and Homes for Children UK. It operates at EU level and in 12 countries across Europe, and calls on the EU and national governments to prioritise the transition from institutional to family-based care. In Greece the campaign is coordinated by Roots Research Centre and supported by several other partners. See:

To read the whole press release with key findings of the research and more information, click here.


Photo: Institution for children in Greece

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