How the media is demonising Disabled People in Europe

Extract from the article ‘How the media is demonising Disabled People in Europe’  by Debbie Jolly

‘Disabled people in Europe are losing their battle in the fight for disability rights. While some countries have problems making their governments understand that assistance is needed for the extra costs of disability for independent living, P.A.s, and self determination, in other parts of Europe unfair financial cuts to disability assistance and support are being backed up by a campaign in the media showing disabled people as unworthy of the support they receive. The media do this by calling disabled people frauds.

This is happening at a time when states in Europe are looking for savings in their budgets. In the UK such media stories are being wrongly supported by government ministers who often add a quote saying how shocked they are that so many disabled people are fraudulent, but all are contributing to a myth that is having severe negative implications on disabled peoples’ lives.’

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