Hundreds Joined ENIL’s 5th May Campaign

Hundreds Joined ENIL’s 5th May Campaign

5th May 2016

This year, the third European Independent Living Day was celebrated in Europe (and beyond!) with the presence of 30 countries. As Jamie Bolling (ENIL’s Executive Director) said back in 2014 – this day “aims to foster unity for disabled people and our supporters and to also raise awareness of Independent Living”

ENIL’s campaign

This year, ENIL invited disabled people and their non-disabled supporters to make a selfie holding a paper with the message of what Independent Living means for them. Both individuals and organization joined the campaign, and some of them had this as their main activity for the day. More than 200 photos were taken and people from more than 30 countries joined.

You can find information, photos and links to different resources related to the activities that took place in Europe on 5th May in this Report.

A video with a slideshow of some of the photos, taken as a part of the ENIL campaign is available here.


1 – extract from an article, published on 19 February 2014, you can find it here.

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