Independent Living Video Goes Viral

Independent Living Video Goes Viral

The Independent Living organization of Greece “i-living” was founded in December 2014 and is the only Greek organization that promotes Independent Living. “i-living” is a disabled people’s organization which follows the trend of modern human rights advocacy.

In a country where the meaning of the Independent Living term is unknown even among disabled people, two “i-living” board members felt the need to explain to everyone, what Independent Living means – in a simple, funny and intuitive way. They created the following video which was released on the occasion of the European Independent Living day on 5th May 2015. The benefits of personal assistance, accessibility and social inclusion are demonstrated in the first part of the video, while in the second part one can watch the problems that the absence of an Independent Living scheme provokes, as well as the violation of fundamental human rights. No-one in “i-living” had ever expected that this video would become so popular in Europe, but it did! Apparently, there was a need such video to be produced and to be spread around.

So, be creative, be proactive, be provocative and make your own video promoting the Independent Living values and principles! It will make a difference!


About “i-living”:

On 27th January 2016, elections were held for the 2nd yearly Management Committee term. Based on the votes of the board members, the results are as follows:

-President: Kamil Goungor

-Vice-president: Eva Lampara

-Secretary General: Marianna Diamantopoulou

-Financial Officer: Stelios Kympouropoulos

For more information about i-living and its actions, click here.


Antonia Trikalioti


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