Join ENIL On This First European Action Day for Victims of Hate Crime

Join ENIL On This First European Action Day for Victims of Hate Crime

Hate speech and hate crime must stop. Consequences against our communities are detrimental. Today, 22nd July 2015, is the first European Action Day for Victims of Hate Crime. It has been set by the No Hate Speech Movement (NHSM) as a day to commemorate victims of hate crime in Europe and to raise awareness on the issue of hate crime and hate speech and thee consequences on our communities.

ENIL is active in the fight to end prejudice, extreme hostility and violence experienced by disabled people and herewith encourages its members and supporters to join in on this day as an important step in the fight. ENIL holds the position that increasing awareness of disability hate crime, as well as fostering positive dialogue with key stakeholders to combat it, can improve disabled people’s inclusion within the community, portray disabled people as valued contributors to society and help support those who are affected by disability hate crime.

Sign the petition to make the 22nd of July a European Day commemorating victims of hate crime and push politicians to make appropriate legislative measures that can prevent further hate crimes.

The No Hate Speech movement has collected 15 hate crime stories that are published on the NHSM website blog and shared on Facebook and Twitter. You can help in this promotion by sharing the posts from the NHSM Facebook page.

Disseminate the call to report any hate crime incidents or hate speech targeting victims of hate crime on the Hate Speech Watch.

The No Hate Speech network has been contacting politicians to make statements today on their own social media accounts. Please continue to do so if you know any local, national or European political representative to express their views and solidarity. See how here.

Thank you for your contributions and cooperation
Wishing a successful Action Day!


Photo: Black heart – the ‘No Hate’ logo

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