MIUSA Exchange Program

MIUSA Exchange Program

We would like to bring your attention to an ongoing exchange program between the U. S. and countries in Eastern Europe. The exchange program activities work to achieve the following objectives:

  • Remove barriers to community opportunities and resources
  • Support the ability of individuals and organizations to serve as leading disability advocates and promote policies and programs benefiting people with disabilities
  • Promote civil society by enabling individuals and organizations working with people with disabilities to share best practices and facilitate cross-sector cooperation through two-way professional exchanges
  • Ensure that people with diverse disabilities and their families and communities benefit from the transformational power of international exchanges
  • Build or expand sustainable networks of individuals and organizations serving people with disabilities.

Individuals and disabled people organizations from Eastern European countries named below are especially encouraged to apply:

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, and Ukraine.

There is one more essential element of this project which you should not miss,  there must be partnership between two organizations, one from the U.S and one that is outside of the United States.  Non-U.S. applicant organizations must demonstrate their commitment to work effectively together to promote disability inclusion in their country.  MIUSA will match each non-U.S. partner team with a U.S. organization with similar goals and expertise that will contribute to your collaborative work.

Please find more information on MIUSA here.


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