New Personal Assistance Table – Holland

New Personal Assistance Table – Holland

The European Network on Independent Living is still collecting tables on the situation of personal assistance from all European countries and is pleased to be able to add the table from Holland. ENIL would like to thank Ms. Jose Smits for her work producing this table.

There are now twenty one tables on the ENIL website. The aim of the tables is to gain detailed information on the situation of personal assistance services in as many European countries as possible.  This information will then be analyzed by a group of Independent Living experts for the suggestion of an ideal model for personal assistance legislation.

The tables describe existing legislation or if there are proposals for legislation on personal assistance in the pipeline. The type of legislation is given as well as the government level responsible for funding services. Assessment tools being used for decision-making are described along with the amount of assistance that is possible to be acquired. Impairments covered in legislation are listed as well as age limitation.

The European Commission’s online tool for disability legislation through the Academic Network of European Disability Experts – ANED’s website was used to find information for the ENIL tables. The website has the following address requiring then a click on DOTCOM at the top of the page for access to the database.

Country experts have been contacted for further information. Results show that countries do have a variety of different kinds of legislation covering personal assistance including: Social Services Acts, Social Benefits Acts, Community Care Acts and Direct Payments Acts. Sweden has the only rights based legislation, with Independent Living members from Norway lobbying for the same since 2000. There are national legislations in Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom as well as in France but also local acts for example in Sofia, Bulgaria. Iceland and Slovenia have legislation in the pipeline. Members from Estonia who were expecting legislation report having a proposal pending. Countries without legislation include Cyprus and Poland.

A glimpse from Holland: There is no legal right for personal assistance in the Netherlands. There is a right to receive care and support based on two Acts: the 1967 General Act on Extraordinary Healthcare Costs (AWBZ )[1] and the 2006 Social Support Act (WMO)[2]. Both acts serve people with different kinds of disability and chronic illness.

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Please click here to download the Holland Personal Assistance Table.

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[1] 1967: Algemene Wet Bijzondere Ziektekosten AWBZ

[2] 2006, Wet Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning:

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