New Rules for Personal Assistance in France

New Rules for Personal Assistance in France

In April 2016 a new collective contract was signed by unions in France, affecting the work of personal assistants for disabled people.

Since 1st April 2016, when French disabled people hire their personal assistants by themselves, they have to apply the new collective contract signed by unions (which theoretically represent them). This new collective contract is entirely framed in a medical model, especially for people with greater need of support. Everything is termed as ‘medical care’, and if one needs for example something as simple as to be washed, he/she needs to have a prescription from a doctor and personal assistants have to be trained by a medical professional such as a nurse.

Disabled people are no longer recognized as the trainers of their personal assistants, which was the case so far and the best approach.

As it could be expected, the French Independent Living movement, composed by ‘Gré à Gré’ and ‘Coordination Handicap et Autonomie’, are fighting against this new absurdity!


Author: Mathilde Fuchs (‘Gré à Gré’)

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