Nominate Exceptional and Innovative Best Practices on  Accessible and Inclusive Urban Development

Nominate Exceptional and Innovative Best Practices on Accessible and Inclusive Urban Development


ENIL wants to spread the good initiative of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) and Zero Project – a call for nominations of exceptional and innovative best practices in accessible and inclusive urban development.


Innovations (innovative projects) that are eligible for nomination are those which have clearly and measurably improved accessibility and inclusion in the urban environment and which have also improved the daily lives of disabled people.

Nominations for Best Practices can include (but not only):

  • Built environment; in particular public buildings and public spaces
  • Infrastructure, public transport systems, taxis
  • Products and services related to accessible and inclusive cities; tourism
  • Information and Communication Technologies, for example related to orientation systems, information provided by city authorities, etc.
  • Active engagement in the processes of urban development, especially in policy/decision making and monitoring processes, stakeholder involvement of all disabled people
  • Projects/innovations that follow the “Design for All” or “Universal Design” approaches
  • Definition of minimum standards, codes
  • Publication of guidebooks, curricula, directives, etc.
  • All forms of community services made available to everyone, including disabled people
  • Fully accessible emergency and disaster relief measures
  • Public policies, such as public procurement, public investment in R & D, institutional mechanisms within government to improve technical standards/codes, building codes
  • Accessible urban media and communications like television services, captioning, signing, etc.


Selected projects will be included in the UN publication and in the Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2016.


You can find the nomination form here.


Deadline for submitting applications: 1st April 2016

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