Open House Slovenia – One Step Further Towards Independent Living

Open House Slovenia – One Step Further Towards Independent Living

“Open House” is a world-wide project that enables visitors to experience outstanding and unique architecture from around the world. Existing for more than two decades, “Open House” is an ever-growing concept, raising awareness among every individual to explore and understand the value of well-built environment. In 2010, Slovenia joined the initiative and only two years later, the Slovene Open House team took part at the Architecture Biennale in Venice. Among its activities there was also an international symposium, where the Slovene Open House team, in cooperation with the Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted of Slovenia, organised a workshop called ‘Sightless Common Ground’, whose aim was to enable wider audience to understand different approaches and methods visually impaired persons use in order to orientate themselves in closed and opened spaces.

The workshop consisted of a few small groups, going on a mini tour with Aleksandra Surla (currently a board member of the ENIL Youth Network), who showed them through practical examples the most common unpleasant situations blind people face in their daily lives.

The workshop concluded with success, there were many participants who expressed their delight and the need to repeat similar events in the future, showing contemporary architects how to create an inclusive space where everyone, regardless of their disability, could feel at home.

You can watch a video from the Slovene Open House event here.

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