Opening Of A New Regional Cil In Kragujevac (Serbia)

A new regional CIL was established and officially registered in Kragujevac, Serbia on 18 January 2011.

Guided by the idea that everyone has the right to choose how he or she wants to live, CIL Kragujevac represents and advocates for social approach to disability and is working on providing facilities for Independent Living of disabled persons in the city of Kragujevac.

In line with their mission and with great help from the Serbian CIL, 10 users received personal assistance through the public works programme, which they were able to get for a period of six months, from July until December 2011. They are currently struggling to keep the service running to continue working after the completion of the current public works programme. CIL Kragujevac is also actively working on finding effective ways of employing persons with disabilities, because they strongly believe that gaining economic independence is one of the key factors that are necessary to achieve independent living.

CIL Kragujevac currently has 15 members, including 12 persons with disabilities. They have also succeeded to gain premises for the office, from the city authorities. On 17th October there was also a discussion held with the Office of the Commissioner for the protection of Equality of the citizens, with the aim that persons with disabilities and their organizations gain knowledge on how to use different mechanisms and institutions to achieve the rights and protection from discrimination.


As a consequence of the opening and with the help of the national Serbian CIL fromBelgradethey currently employ 10 personal assistants and with that they provide personal assistance services for their users. Let me conclude that there is a strong positive process that individuals in Kragujevac started to implement, let’s hope that their programme becomes a system which recognises IL as a human right.

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