Parachutes for all, 10th May 2011 Berlin

On the 10th May in Berlin a demonstration against the existing discrimination, segregation and exclusion is taking place to celebrate the European day of protest for the equality of disabled people. The motto of the demonstration is “Rescue parachutes for all”.

The demonstration is organized by the federal initiative “At home instead of in a home” in cooperation with the Social Union of Germany (SoVD), the Berlin Association for the Disabled and other clubs and associations. It is taking place on Tuesday 10th May 11:00 – 13:30 from the Brandenburg Gate (site of the 18th March) to the Federal Chancellery.

“Bring your umbrella – labeled with an individual claim -or paint an umbrella that we provide you at the Brandenburg Gate” says the call, claiming:

– Prompt and full implementation of UN Disability Convention
– Participation for all
– Good work and good living
– Assistance and Accessibility -not means tested .
– Dignified life, Self-determination and non-discrimination

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Corina Zolle



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