Personal Assistance Tables – UPDATE

Personal Assistance Tables – UPDATE

Precisely 3 months ago (on 18th August) ENIL published an article informing the wide public about one of our activities this year. ENIL is updating the information about Personal Assistance (PA) services available across Europe which was initially collected and analysed in 2013. At the time of the August article, we had collected completed surveys from 13 countries – Belarus, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Holland, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Results were diverse, but one simple calculation revealed that only 5 of these 13 European countries have PA legislations integrating the crucial tool of PA for independent living into their legal frameworks – Italy, Latvia, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Another negative fact is that the social model of disability is not being implemented during the assessment process. In Spain, for example, assessment procedures still rely solely on medical scales.

In the following months, up until now, 4 more countries submitted their reports – Belgium, France, San Marino and Switzerland. The deadline announced for sending information to us has passed, however, if you find our initiative as important as we do, please don’t hesitate to contact Dilyana Deneva at . Results from the analysis of the PA tables will be presented in Valencia, Spain, on 15th December 2015 during a conference on Personal Assistance a tool to leave the institution. This event will be attended by ENIL representatives and speakers from Spain. The topics of personal assistance and deinstitutionalization which are inevitably intertwined will be debated. The more information we have available, the better and clearer overview of the situation of disabled people in Europe can be given. So, please send us your reports as soon as possible!

You can find the 2013 PA tables and the 17 updated ones from this year here.

You can download the PA survey from here.

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