Planning 3rd December Together!

Planning 3rd December Together!

On 3rd December ENIL celebrates the International Day of Disabled People. Join ENIL on this day and share with us what you plan to do!

Disabled people in Europe are around 80 million, representing more than 10% of the continent’s population. Despite this great number, our societies are still highly unaware of the numerous challenges disabled people face on a daily basis – like the inaccessible environment, lack of mainstream services, lack of personal assistance, inferior treatment to name a few…

Therefore ENIL uses this day to celebrate our disabilities, to promote an understanding of Independent Living as human rights issues and to mobilize support for the dignity we deserve.

We, from the Independent Living movement, want our voice to be heard by everybody – from all ordinary citizens, to policy and decision makers who must realise the importance of implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

As a European-wide network, it is important for us to know how you plan to celebrate the 3rd of December, so please send us information about your plans as soon as possible to We can then announce activities through the ENIL social media.

Let’s make this year’s international day of disabled people is a memorable day. Let’s be Proud, Strong and Visible!

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