Process of adoption of the Law on Personal Assistance in Slovenia – update with latest events

Process of adoption of the Law on Personal Assistance in Slovenia – update with latest events

In February 2013, the Slovenian Government lost the vote of confidence and all activities regarding Personal Assistance act came to a standstill until October 2013. The new government and its current Minister for Labour , Family and Social Affairs scrapped the draft of Personal Assistance act proposed by YHD – Association for Theory and Culture of Handicap  in 2010 and proposed a new Long-Term Care Act which is again at the initial stage of drafting. Elena Pecaric from YHD is member of both the wider long-term care workgroup as well as the smaller workgroup focused on Personal Assistance.

Elena Pecaric requested that legislation relating to Personal Assistance be a completely separate chapter of the act because the concept of Long-Term Care is very much part of the medical model aimed at elder persons above the age of 65 while our users are active disabled persons.

Specifications of Long-term Care services are still a work in progress and not much is known about what kind of activities they will cover. In any case our expectation is that they would be quite rigid, a user would not be able to choose their own Personal Assistant and the services will include mostly help with basic human needs, such as personal hygiene, shopping, preparing meals and so on. Users of these services will have no influence on the timetable. Younger persons with disabilities will also be able to apply for Long-term care services if their needs don’t meet the minimum quota for Personal Assistance services which is set at 30 hours per week or more.

While YHD has a member in the Long-Term Care act workgroup we are aware that this act is very complex and expensive and we bare little hope that the act would be implemented foreseeable time if ever at all.

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